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Anti Virus and Firewall Protection
NotSoft can also advise and install Anti Virus and Firewall products to defend your network against malicious attack and data theft! In conjunction with Symantec, Norton and Watchguard we can provide solutions to enhance the protection level of your business from a plethora of Viruses which have blighted the Business community across the world. Firewalls defend an inside "trusted" network from attack by "untrusted" outsiders, ensuring only authorised traffic passes in and out. However, many use only basic protection that can easily be bypassed by even the most novice hacker.

With viruses and hacks on the increase it is imperative that companies protect their corporate networks, web sites, on-line applications and servers both in the office and at remote sites - from hostile attack. High-profile, embarrassing denial-of-service events have shown that even the largest companies, when inadequately unprotected, can be crippled by a hacker attack, and data protection laws take a grim view of unauthorised access to customer information.


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